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Watch the film that generated £60,000 of sales in just six days

In order to do this we used a combination of email and social media marketing coupled with an enticing trailer, short Facebook video ads and the full promotional film Kilimanjaro: The Long Way.

We had 150 people join us for the live Facebook premiere, during which our client took four bookings. Since then we saw the campaign reach over 100,000 people with 20,000 people engaging with the content across platforms.

An amazing result for our client. And the best thing is – they can keep using the content we’ve produced for months, and even years to come – constantly generating income for their business. Not bad!

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What's so good about video?

Increased conversion rates

Video is extremely powerful. An engaging video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.


Video is preferred over text

59% of people would rather watch a video than read a page full of text giving you the opportunity to present important information about your business in a fun and engaging way.


Amazing impact on SEO

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? And it is owned by Google. Having a video featured on the front page of your website will greatly increase your chances of getting near the top on Google searches.


Build rapport and gain trust

Video content can be used to educate your customers, build trust in your service or product and breaks down a communication barrier instantly creating a more personal relationship between you and your customer.

Some of our work that's already got amazing results...

The Insight Marketing Method

Our streamlined process will guide you through your video marketing journey, ensuring we deliver some amazing video content, and importantly - some amazing results.

01 | The Master Plan | Strategy Workshop

We need to know what your industry is, how you envisage video improving your business and what your current marketing activities are like (among other things!)

This is arguably the most important element of the process. Everything we decide together here will inform our decisions and approach at every other stage in the process.

After an initial conversation we embark on an in depth consultation and workshop that will:-

  • Define your audience.
  • Discuss and agree our goals for the video content we create across your business.
  • Identify your current sales process and discuss how and where video will fit into it.
  • Identify quick wins that will make the biggest impact.
  • Workshop concepts and ideas for content that will get the best engagement and resonate the most with your audience.
  • Define the most effective distribution platforms.
  • Deliver a document detailing the outcome of our strategic planning with recommendations on how to move forward.

02 | The plan is set | Pre-Production

We will work together to really laser focus your message and goals so that when it comes to filming, everything we shoot and every questions we ask contributes to that message and brings out the personality of your employees.
If it’s a documentary style shoot we will:-

  • Ensure that all contributors and staff members know what to expect once we start filming.
  • We’ll identify the most efficient schedule for the time we have and circulate to all involved.
  • We’ll prepare our intended questions inline with the desired message and outcomes required.
  • Any external locations will be sourced and secured.
  • Complete risk assessments for all locations and filming activities.

For narrative based shoots we will:-

  • Write, edit and approve script(s) inline with concepts agreed in the initial planning stage.
  • Source all required locations, actors, voiceover artists and props required for the shoot.
  • Create a shot list and scene breakdown and create a shooting schedule and circulate with all involved parties.
  • Complete risk assessments for all locations and filming activities.

03 | Time to shoot | Production

We will conduct interviews/pieces to camera, making all contributors feel at ease and enjoy the experience. We will film any other footage that will make up your final videos(s). It is extremely important to us that not only do we capture everything required to deliver your message, but also for everyone involved to thoroughly enjoy the experience of being on camera!
In the case of narrative based pieces, we will handle all aspects of the shoot – from organising everyone on the day, food and catering and ensure the day runs to schedule and all shots required to tell your story are captured.

04 | Piecing together the puzzle - Post-Production

This is where the magic happens. We take all the footage we have shot and edit it together to produce the final video(s). This is the point at which it all comes together and the story is really formed.
We will create any motion graphics and complete any visual effects work that is required, polish the look and feel of your videos, perfectly mix all sound elements before putting your videos through final quality control.

05 | The finish line - Approval, delivery & distribution

Once we have finished editing we will show you for the first time - it is your opportunity to request any reasonable changes to the video. Once signed off we will distribute your video(s) to the relevant platforms.
If you’ve opted for ongoing consultation we will help you keep track of campaign success and have the opportunity to review performance and make tweaks where necessary. With any marketing it is important to select the right metrics to gauge success, and re-evaluate over time to ensure the greatest return.

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Our core services

We can create a bespoke video marketing package that incorporates some or all of our three core services, tailored to suit your business' requirements and budget.
A well thought out video strategy is the most important first step to incorporating video marketing content into your business. We will use our expertise and knowledge to help you identify the key areas of your busines that will most benefit from video content.
Using industry standard tools of the trade, Steve and his highly trained team of videographers can film, edit and deliver a wide variety of video content that servces a purpose, achieves a specific goal and importantly, brings your businesses services or products to life.
Even the most simple video content can achieve great results. With one of our bespoke video workshops you and your team can learn some basic film making techniques to allow you to release video marketing content on a regular basis, without hiring a full crew every time.

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Our Insight Marketing Method can transform your business - find out how today!

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