Getting the most out of your video shoot Part II: On the day

Getting the most out of your video shoot Part II: On the day

Date: 24th April 2019 | By: Steve Bollschweiler
The day has come to shout ACTION! You’ve prepared everything for the day – thought about your audience, purpose and message of your video – now it’s time to execute the plan! Efficient use of available time is key on the day. Video production is an interesting beast, it can run extremely smoothly if planning is done well, but it can easily fall apart if your production company doesn’t stay on top of the schedule. Make sure that you have communicated regularly with your videography team to ensure there is a logical schedule to the filming day(s) – This should be something that is dealt with by the production company, but be sure that you are kept in the loop as to what the plan is. Once again there are some things you can do yourself to help the day run smoothly and get maximum effect from your video shoot.

Ensure everyone involved is briefed and prepared.

Firstly, make sure those who will appear in the video are informed of where they need to be and when. The film crew will incorporate setup time into the schedule, but once they are ready it is important that anyone being interviewed arrives on time to keep the schedule on track. As well as the people who are directly contributing to the film, it’s important that others are aware that filming is going on. If a film crew turns up at your office and are greeted with blank, confused faces it can cost time and be a little embarrassing! Make sure the relevant people are made aware of the schedule.

Double check that agreed filming locations are available and tidy.

Ahead of the day you should have agreed on the best places for filming to take place with your videographer, make sure they are in a presentable state so that filming can take place with minimal disruption. The crew might decide to move things around a bit for aesthetic reasons, but a tidy room to start with will ensure filming starts on time! Another thing to make sure is that the areas in which filming is going to take place are available at the correct times, this will avoid disrupting the flow of the shoot, allowing your film crew to stick to the schedule. While your videographers should be adaptable when it comes to shooting, the most effective use of time will be to stick to what has been scheduled.

Make the most of the exciting process of producing a promotional video.

Use this as an opportunity to start creating a buzz on social media. Take photos and videos of interview setups, employees with microphones clipped to their shirt, lights etc. – this the sort of thing is great for engaging your current customers on social media and will let them know that an exciting new video is in production – they will know to look out for it in the near future. This will help get maximum value out of your video before it’s even finished!

Time management and sticking to the schedule on the day is an extremely important part of creating an effective promotional video. You should find a film company that is adaptable and able to think on their feet, but also able to create a schedule that makes best use of the time available.