Getting the most out of your video shoot Part III: After the shoot

Getting the most out of your video shoot Part III: After the shoot

Date: 24th April 2019 | By: Steve Bollschweiler
Once shooting has wrapped (that’s fancy film speak for “finished”!) the next stage is for your video to be edited. If you did a good job of creating a buzz during the filming process, getting the final version finished as quickly as possible is going to be important in taking advantage of this! In order for this to happen here are a few things to take into account:

Are there any requirements around music or sound effects that need to be taken into consideration?

When thinking about the message you want to portray, the style of music you want to use is definitely an important consideration. If this has not been discussed it would be a good idea to tell the editor of your video any requirements for the music. Is there a specific style you do want, or even a style you’d like to avoid? It is important to be as specific as possible at this stage as after editing the video it can take some time to re-edit to a new piece of music if the first piece is not suitable. Your production company should be very good at choosing appropriate music and it’s rare that a piece should need to be changed, but it does happen and it can delay the finishing of your video.

Ensure that any logo files and branding guidelines are provided in good time.

For a professionally finished video it is very important to include company logos for the end and possibly beginning of the video. These will need to be provided at a high resolution in order to get the best viewing quality in the final video. In addition to logos any branding guidelines should be outlined – is there a particular font or typeface you would like to be used? It is important that your video content fits with the rest of your brand.

Provide feedback promptly

It is usual practise to provide an opportunity to review the edit and give feedback and requests for changes. If this is the case make sure that your provide this feedback in a timely manner so that the changes can be implemented and the final film can be released as soon as possible. That social media buzz won’t last forever, so by responding quickly to any communication from your video production company you help keep it alive by helping to get the video completed on time.

After you receive delivery of your final video – do something with it!

It’s easy to get excited about your video and share it on your company Facebook, and even your personal page, which is a great thing to do – but think about the purpose of your video and who your target audience is. Simply sharing the video on your social media might not be enough. Think about sponsored adverts on social media, youtube adverts, anything that will help your video get seen by the right people. In order to get maximum return on your video it needs to reach your target audience. This stage is all about video marketing – a huge subject that is worth looking into!

Creating a promotional video is an extremely exciting experience, which if done right can provide an immense return on your investment. Follow the steps in these posts and you will be well on your way to having a high quality video that can be used time and time again! The most important thing to have is great communication between you and the person responsible for creating your video content, without this you will never get the great results your deserve.