Getting the most out of your video shoot Part I: Preparation

Getting the most out of your video shoot Part I: Preparation

Date: 24th April 2019 | By: Steve Bollschweiler
Being involved in a video shoot of any nature is an extremely exciting prospect – it can be easy to get carried away in the excitement and not properly prepare for it, resulting in a video that may look great, but doesn’t necessarily achieve the desired results. Choosing a videographer who will guide you through the process is extremely important, but there are some things you can think about on your own that will go a long way to achieving an extremely valuable piece of video content. In part one of a series of three posts we will briefly look at what can be done before the day of your shoot to ensure the best results. When starting to prepare for your promotional video, the best place to start is at the end. Think about the following things:

Who is going to watch your video – Who is your target audience?

Knowing this will inform you and your video production team of the best way to put across the information in your video. If you are aiming your video at 16 – 24 year olds who are interested in sport, for example, it probably wouldn’t be a good approach to have someone behind a desk, suited and booted reeling off facts and figures about the benefits of a new protein shake (actually, the most engaging way to put across facts and figures is through animation!)

If your company is already established you will already have a very good idea about who your audience is going to be, but it is very important to communicate this with your videographer in as much detail as possible as this will heavily influence the approach taken by them.

What do you want to achieve – What is the purpose of the video?

Are you looking to gain more followers on social media, increase sales of a particular product or service, or do you simply want to raise awareness of your business and what it has to offer? Video can be used for a huge variety of reasons. It can be useful for informing people of what your business does which in turn will engage new customers. It can be used to demonstrate how one of your products works – showing potential customers how easily your app can be used could well help them make a decision to buy it. Having current customers reviewing a product or explaining how well your business helps theirs is a great way of letting others know what to expect when working with you.

What message do you want to convey?

Your company has its own personality, which will be present in your branding, in your daily communication with your customers and should certainly be present in your video. As well as the purpose of your video, you should be clear on the message you want to put across. How do you want your viewers to perceive you and your business? Do you want to come across as professional and business like, or do you want to come across as quirky and laid back? This will come out in the language you use, the way you are dressed and even what is going on in the background of your video!

Make sure everyone is on the same page

It would be a good idea to have a meeting with anyone who is contributing to the video to make sure everyone is on the same page. Having thought about the audience, purpose and message of the video, it is important that everyone is aware of these decisions and has this in mind during the process.

The more prepared you are going into your video shoot, the better the result will be. Choose a video production company that will be there during this time to answer any questions and offer their advice and ideas – work closely with your videographer and you will end up with amazing results. Check out part ll of the series, where we talk about what can be done on the day to gain maximum effect from your video!