How you can use video content throughout your business

How you can use video content throughout your business

Date: 13th August 2019 | By: Steve Bollschweiler

There are many places within your business where video marketing content will sit well and help achieve results. It is important to use the right kind of video content at the right times. In this post, I want to introduce the idea of the buyer’s journey and talk about how video can play an important part within it. I’ll use a real world example to give you an idea of what using video content through the buyer’s journey may look like. Adventure travel company Evertrek use video to great effect throughout their buyer’s journey.


The buyer's journey is the process a person goes through from finding about your product or service, through to purchasing from you. The buyer's journey is split into four stages - Awareness, Consideration, Decision and Delight.


The very first step is when your potential customer goes from having never heard of you, to knowing your business exists. Marketing content at this point should be entertaining and create an emotional connection which resonates with the buyer. 

For Evertrek it looks like this - a social media video ad that shows the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas -  trekkers just like you - enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Showing a sense of achievement. Use of video here is to capture attention of the viewer as they scroll through their Facebook page - dynamic movement is more likely to get a user to stop than a static image.

This video is accompanied with a call to action that invites the viewer to download a free guide to an Everest Base Camp trek. Or on occasion the call to action will invite viewers to enter a competition for a free trek. Now the potential customer is both aware of the company and we have a way of helping them through the consideration stage.

A key to success here is compelling copy, a valuable offer and an effective call to action. Remember video alone won't be effective unless all accompanying materials compliment the overall goal.


The buyer knows they have a need for what you offer - they’re gathering information from you and your competitors and finding out about different solutions. Marketing content during the consideration stage will continue to be educational, answer common questions  and you will come across as an authoritative figure in your industry or niche. This is an ideal opportunity for you to collect information from them and turn them into a lead.

The content created here is arguably the most important - if done correctly it can greatly increase SEO and really help keep your brand in the forefront of your prospects mind.

Once an awareness of the company exists, potential customers are nurtured and trust is built. This is done partly with an extensive area on the company’s website which houses useful blog posts, downloadable guides and of course videos that answer questions asked by customers on a regular basis. The video content available helps put the people running the company in front of the customer and positions them as an expert in the industry. 

This content is regularly augmented by live Q&A video sessions and also with a short documentary on the trip, which solidifies the emotional connection, gives an insight into what to expect and helps the viewer see themselves taking the journey themselves.


Once you’ve made a sale don’t let it end there. The final stage of the process is to delight your customer and avoid the chance of buyers remorse. Walk throughs, personalised video messages and top notch customer service is required here. Content should reassure the customer that they have made the right decision.

The Evertrek team do a great job of dispelling any final doubts and, you guessed it - they do it with video. The team uses a service called Bomb Bomb, which is a plugin for gmail. Any final questions and enquiries people have are personally responded to with a video message. By using video here instead of just a standard email reply, they are able to further gain the trust of their customer. Tone of voice is incredibly powerful, especially when dealing with questions around safety or other concerns. Therefore this approach is priceless for them and feedback incredibly positive.


The buyer has collected all the information they need to make an informed decision - for you it’s time to convince your lead that your product is the best solution for them. Content at this stage should address any final issues the buyer may have, highlight the key benefits of your product and provide evidence of past results.

It doesn’t stop there. Evertrek have a great after care system which continues the personal video message support, as well as more useful guides and videos designed to prepare their customers for the trip of a life-time.

So there you have it. Understanding the journey your customers take from first awareness to sale and beyond is extremely important if you want to achieve your business goals. Every business is different and the type of video content you make depends on many factors, but one thing is constant, and that is the fact that video will always be a powerful marketing tool at every point in your sales process.