Why should you be using video content in your marketing?

Why should you be using video content in your marketing?

Date: 7th October 2019 | By: Steve Bollschweiler

We are surrounded by video content - it’s on our TV screens, mobile devices, we even consume video content on roadside billboards when we’re stuck in traffic - you simply cannot escape it. Video content is a powerful marketing tool, and in this post I’m going to talk to you about why it is important to use video to help grow your business.


Over the past few years the way in which we consume information has changed dramatically. Life has become more fast paced and we generally have less time to sit and read pages of information before making buying decisions. A well thought out video can be entertaining, hold a viewers attention and put across essential information in a way in which pages of text cannot do.

"If you include video content on a sales or product page you increase your chances of making a sale by up to 80%"

Print vs. Video

When it comes to return on investment and audience reach - video beats printed media hands down. In the past, you may have taken an advert out in an industry publication with a national readership of, say 10,000. Maybe you bought advertising space in 4 quarterly publications - so a potential reach of 40,000.

You have no control over who those people are - sure they are interested in the industry your product serves, but are they a decision maker? Do they have the power to buy and implement your product? There’s no way of knowing. Let's say you did get a qualified lead by chance. As your lead flicks through the publication and sees your advert, they might take notice, they might not. They read through once and then put it away never to be looked at again. There’s a lack of visibility and control here.

Contrast that with a piece of video content. The first point is that some video content should be designed to be evergreen - meaning it can be used over and over again and does not have a finite shelf life. 

The second point is that you have an amazing amount of control over who you target with your video content. Once you have identified your ideal audience, you can do a lot to make sure they see your content.

You even have the ability to  track when someone has watched your content and re-target them with other relevant content further down the line.

It is well documented that you will increase sales if you include video content on a sales or product page. By explaining the benefits and abilities of your product directly next to a “buy now” button, for example, you are increasing your chance of a sale by up to 80%.

"Video content is timeless - it can be used over and over and has no sell by date"

Building Rapport

It is also a fact that video content will help build rapport with your customers and gain their trust. Buyer mentality these days heavily revolves around trust and creating valuable video content that resonates with your ideal customers is a very wise step to take. If your website is filled with videos that answer their questions, relieve their fears, and reinforces the idea that your product is the right one for them,  they are far more likely to remember you over a competitor.

In summary video content is timeless - it can be used over and over and has no sell by date, it is engaging, informative and entertaining for your audience, it is proven to help increase sales and finally, it works incredibly well at helping you gain the trust of your prospects. It is important to note that we are not suggesting exposure in other forms of marketing materials is not worth it - far from it, but we are saying that video is extremely powerful and should not by shyed away from.

Video content is a marketing tool and works most effectively when used hand in hand with other digital marketing techniques - video alone does not guarantee growth, but not using video content may very much mean you end up being left behind by the competition.


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