[Case Study] ICE Campus – How our video strategy workshop led to AMAZING conversion rates!

[Case Study] ICE Campus – How our video strategy workshop led to AMAZING conversion rates!

Date: 14th February 2020 | By: Steve Bollschweiler

When we go through our 7 step video marketing process with our clients and come out the other end with such incredible results, it's hard not to dance around the office in celebration. We only do this when no one is looking, of course.


At the beginning of this year we got to do that dance.


Our client, Welsh ICE Campus, approached us having been disappointed with the performance of previous videos that had been produced. They had some well made content, but it ​had been delivered to them with no tho​​ught or advice on how best to get the most out of it.


We took it upon ourselves to restore their faith in video marketing by producing a campaign for them that took their viewers on a journey while achieving some very specific goals. The result is a highly engaging, shareable social video that speaks to the emotions of the target audience and will continue to generate leads for the campus.

Video Marketing Statistics

So how did we do it?

The journey began with our video strategy workshop. My team got together with the client and we took them through a process that enabled us to get a better understanding of where the business was at that time, where they wanted to get to, and what was stopping them from getting there.

What came out of our initial conversations was a need to increase the amount of campus tours that were being booked, enabling the team to then sell the benefits and features of Welsh ICE membership in person. We identified that the priority for video marketing efforts should be top of funnel awareness/consideration content.

Once we had identified the needs, audience and goals, we needed a concept...

Video Production crew and actress reviewing footage

Sony FS700 with Atomos Shogun filming a promotional video scene

"The ICE Campus is categorically not bland, boring and generic. It has such a unique personality and experience, so it was incredibly important that we captured this in the film."

When it comes to raising awareness and encouraging people to pursue their journey with a business, it's so important to show and sell the experience and not just the benefits.

With a co-working space it would be so easy to show the space, the desks, the facilities and have a voiceover explain what's available. Bland, boring and generic. The ICE Campus is categorically not bland, boring or generic. It has such a unique personality and experience, so it was incredibly important that we captured this in the film. This would be the key to setting the space apart from all the other co-working spaces in the area.

We considered several ideas before deciding to create a narrative-based short which follows a business owner on her journey from working at home - frustrated and isolated, to successfully growing her business, and confidence, with the help of the ICE Campus. We discussed the successes of past and present members and were able to condense a three year journey into a concise narrative that we knew would resonate with the target audience.

Once we had decided on the concept Steve, and our talented script writing partner, Jane Oriel, set about writing a script and story boarding the entire film. At this stage it's incredibly important to get the tone of voice right - using language that the target audience can relate to. We were aiming to inspire and enable the viewer to imagine themselves going on the same journey as our character, whilst also showcasing all the elements of the ICE Campus that make it unique.

The result was a 90 second story that details all the benefits of membership but in a far more engaging way than just spelling it out.

Actors between takes on a promotional video

Director of Photography adjusting lights

After filming we now had a video that had been produced from the ground up with a goal in mind, which was going to get in front of the right audience on the right platform.

When Jamie first contacted us, the brief was simply "we need a new video to promote the campus." If we hadn't gone through the detailed consultation and strategy process with him and the team, we could very easily have ended up with a mediocre video that may have looked great, but would not have resonated with the right audience, which in turn would not have delivered such a quick and bountiful result.

Director and Producer talking to actress

Sony FS700 on a camera slider

Another important part of the project was looking at the processes within the business - how a potential customer goes through the process of finding out about the business, to then becoming a customer. By doing this we could also identify areas further down the funnel to make this an easier journey for both the audience and the team at the ICE Campus. We knew that this main video would function as a Facebook advert (because we had identified this as the best platform for a our video goal) and we were going to push the audience to a landing page where they could book a tour time. Previously, when the team would receive an email, they would then ring up the person who had enquired and ask when they were free, then see if that fit with their schedule, then book the time.

By looking at the business processes we were able to recommend that they have a calendar with set times on the landing page which is linked to the team’s calendar. All the potential customer has to do is pick a time that suits them, receive a confirmation email, and the ICE team are notified of a new tour booking.

We also added to the landing page a "piece to camera" video of Campus Director, Jamie, introducing a little more detail about the Campus, which we placed with the calendar. This gave a personal connection to the viewer and also answered some commonly asked questions, which has meant that tours have become easier because visitors arrive far better prepared.

The final stage of production was to record the voiceover, edit the story together and composite all green screenshots together. Once completed, we supplied the film in multiple formats. We are still consulting with the team at the ICE Campus to ensure the video continues to be a success. It is important to continuously assess and revise the performance of video content and make changes and tweaks as needed.

The success of this project lies in the foundations being solid. It relies on having a specific goal and a creative idea that connects with the intended audience - without going through this process the results would be wildly different. If you have a project you're looking to get off the ground and want to know more about how our in-depth process can transform your business, schedule a free video strategy call today.

Special thanks to Jon at GSD Media for taking production photos and allowing us to feature them on this post.