About Insight Video Marketing

It is our mission to not only produce stunning video content, but ensure you as a client have a deep understanding of why what we recommend will work for you and how it will help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Why work with Insight Video Marketing

We don't just turn up and shoot
We know that to give you the most value from working with us we need to do more than just turn up and shoot some video. No matter the size of the project, it is our priority to completely understand your business, the direction it's going and the purpose the content we are creating together serves.
We have a wealth of experience
With over 7 years industry experience we have worked internationally with world-wide organisations and brands in a variety of industries. We've done it all - multi-day documentary shoots, conferences and events with same-day turn arounds, we've even dealt the difficulties of filming at high altitude!
Flexible payment plans to suit you
Investing in any kind of marketing content can become expensive, but we know the rewards are worth it. At Insight we offer flexible payment plans to our clients to make the power of video as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.
We will only produce what is necessary
It is important to us that you get maximum return on investment with your video marketing content. For this reason, we will never suggest a piece of content that is over-produced. We won't push you to comission us to create a highly polished video masterpiece if a simple series of videos done by your employees will achieve your goals just as well.

The team

Steve Bollschweiler - Managing Director

Steve has been a professional film maker since graduating university in 2011 with a BA(Hons) in Broadcast media and is your main point of contact when working with Insight Video Marketing. A highly skilled director with the ability to work with a huge range of people, Steve always ensures a productive but relaxing atmosphere on every shoot. More recently Steve has jumped into the world of marketing strategy and applies the principals he has learnt to video production.

Steve moved to Cardiff at the beginning of 2017 after spending the previous summer running a sailing and windsurfing school in the Mediterranean – a stark contrast to the murky waters of the Bristol channel!

Having previously worked as an editor on feature films, documentary’s and for one of the UK’s top wedding cinematography companies, Steve started his own production company. As his client base grew he noticed a lot of people were coming to him asking for video content but without a particularly specific goal in mind. It’s because of this that Steve went from being just a video producer to a video strategist. He started digging deeper with his clients as his understanding of the psychology of marketing increased and his advice has been beneficial to not only small, local businesses but multi-national organisations as well.

Steve believes it is important to create close working relationships with his clients in order to understand where their business is going and what makes their customers tick. Along with that, he also believes it is important for business owners to understand
why and how the marketing content they create is going to work and therefore brings his passion for teaching into every project.

Laura Dernie
Laura Dernie
Laura is the organiser. It is her job to source and organise locations, actors and other talent, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly on the run to, and during a shoot.
James Clarke
James Clarke
Director of Phtography
James studied film at the University of South Wales and won best cinematography for his graduation film 'Gone Fishing'. Since graduating James has been Director of Photography for an Amazon Prime pilot as well as getting a wealth of experience shooting in the corporate and event world.
Jon Plimmer
Jon Plimmer
Camera Operator / Photographer
Jon has been a freelance photographer and filmmaker since 2011. He has worked on music videos, corporate interviews and feature films for both domestic and international clients. Willing to try anything to get the shot, Jon is a versatile filmmaker and photographer who will go above and beyond to deliver.

Insight use high-end, industry standard equipment

We have experience on high-end cameras such as the ARRI Alexa, RED Dragon and Sony cinema cameras - but not every project requires such powerful machines! The basic kit we provide is listed below - some shoots may require more specialist equipment, which we can always supply when necessary.
Sony FS700 4k Icon
Sony FS700 4k
Coupled with our Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K HDR Monitor and high end lenses allows for cinema quality video footage and slow motion capture.
Pro microphones Icon
Pro microphones
Ensuring crystal clear audio every time, ensuring your message is heard, loud and clear.
Pro Spec PC Icon
Pro Spec PC
High end editing PC for fast processing of video footage enabling super quick turn around on projects.

Some of the fantastic clients we've worked with

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