Active Quote

Rob and the team at Active Quote came to Insight with an exciting brief and a tight deadline! They wanted a video that introduced the business’ culture, values & employees, as well as outlining the benefits of becoming a partner of theirs.

The Project

The main purpose of the video was to form part of a pitch to bring on a new client. They wanted to stand out as a little bit different from other company’s pitching for the same partnership and we agreed that video would be a great way to do this.

We worked together to develop a series of questions to use during an interview session with employees that touched upon the key values and ethos of the business. We also identified other areas of the business that could benefit from video marketing content and as such were able to acquire three videos worth of content in one day of filming.

The outcome

As a result of the video content Insight created, the client stood out from the crowd during the pitch process and won a new contract worth over £1 million.

The recruitment video that was created alongside the main video has had great success, attracting a higher caliber of candidate during recruitment campaigns.

The feedback

Steve was highly professional from start to finish. He grasped the requirements of the brief instantly and methodically communicated a detailed approach to ensure we received a first-class end product. The video exceeded our expectations, I have already recommended Steve and will continue to do so. Great job.

Rob Saunders
Managing Director – ActiveQuote

Active Quote
11th April 2019
Corporate, Social