COINS Grand Challenge – Annual event coverage

COINS Grand Challenge

The COINS Grand Challenge is a global competition to uncover students, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders with ideas that can improve the built environment. We have worked with COINS for the past three years creating and leveraging video content captured at the event to promote and grow the competition year on year.

The outputs

A film encouraging entries to the Grand Challenge

This promotional video with the goal of getting people with potentially world changing ideas within the built environment and construction sector to apply to the Grand Challenge.
For this short promotional film we produced a concept that combined a professionally recorded voiceover, footage from previous Grand Challenge events, previous winners ideas and stock footage. We developed and wrote a script that tackled the main issues affecting the construction industry in today’s environment and appealed to those with ideas that can make a difference and improve those issues to enter their ideas.
The result was a seamlessly edited short promotional film with a positive message that creates that all important emotional connection with the audience and inspires those who view it to enter their idea. We made sure to make this content “Evergreen” – meaning we can re-use this promotional video year-on-year and none of the content within the film dates it.

A live stream of the Grand Challenge Gala Dinner.

We use a three camera setup to live stream the event across the world so that those who are unable to attend can still be part of the event. This allows friends of family of finalists to watch, as well as influential figures in the construction industry. We combine keynote speakers on screen with their presentations and have ability to cut and edit live in real time to the internet.

Post-event interviews with judges, winners and runners up.

As soon as the event finishes we capture important reaction interviews with the “buzz” of the event in the background – we can then use snippets of these short interviews on social media to keep momentum about the event going for days after – further promoting the event and its organisers cause. These interviews are also re-used the following year to support the effect of the promotional film.

A highlights film of the event.

We have a crew member “roaming” during the event capturing dynamic and artistic shots which is then edited the following morning – footage is combined with interviews, winner announcements and other relevant content from speeches. A super quick turn around on this film is incredibly important so we can continue riding the buzz from the event and get as much media coverage as possible for the event.

What our client says...

“I am delighted with the promo film that Insight Video Marketing have produced for the COINS Grand Challenge, This helps us to deliver a powerful message and is a huge asset to the marketing campaign for this global competition. They were a pleasure to work with, both professional and creative, and grasped the concept of what we wanted to achieve right from the start!”

(Jane Redfern, Marketing Consultant, COINS)

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Welsh ICE

Welsh ICE Campus, approached us having been disappointed with the performance of previous videos that had been produced. They had some well made content, but it had been delivered to them with no tho ught or advice on how best to get the most out of it.

This project sat at the top of the sales funnel in the awareness stage. The goal being to attract new businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners to book tours of the campus and make ICE the home of their business.

We went through our Insight Marketing Method with key decision makers in the business to discuss the high-level goals of the business before drilling down to the specific steps that need to be taken to work towards achieving those goals. We had a half day video strategy workshop in which we discussed desired outcomes, intended audiences and potential video production concepts that would effectively inspire the audience to take action.

We knew that a video sitting at the top of the funnel had to be engaging and entertaining enough to hook the viewer, but be informative enough to let the viewer know what they can expect from setting up their business at the Campus. The ICE Campus is categorically not bland, boring and generic. It has such a unique personality and experience, so it was incredibly important that we captured this in the film.

The outputs


We produced a 90 second film that told the story of a new business owner experiencing their first three years of business success with the support of the Campus and its community. This narrative was based on experiences of current members. The key to the success of this narrative was exactly this – showing experience, rather than explicitly outlining features and benefits.

We created a “piece to camera” video which was the next step in the journey of the customer. This video further reinforced the message from the narrative video. This video had a clear call to action at the end and was placed on the ICE website right next to a tour booking calendar.

A series of videos answering common questions that are asked during peoples tours.

The outcome

Our narrative piece had great engagement after its release – a high volume of social media shares, comments and views. The Facebook Advertising campaign achieved 16 tour bookings within the first ten days and continues to gain interest from the right audience.

Upon our recommendation to automate the tour booking, we have saved the Campus Director and his staff a lot of time, freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of running the Campus. The questions answered in the piece to camera videos have meant that people coming in for tours are better prepared with what to expect and have fewer barriers and therefore the conversion process is much easier and quicker.


The guys at Evertrek teamed up with Insight to create a video strategy that touched on every point of the sales funnel, with a view to increasing engagement, competition entries and sales.

Evertrek took us out to Nepal to film a trek from Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region up to Mount Everest Base Camp 5164 meters above sea level.

A series of in depth meetings before the trip helped define goals for the footage we captured, what videos would be created and the goals for each of the videos.


The outputs


A documentary to inspire and plant the seed that people from all walks of life can make it to EBC.

A series of stand-alone video testimonials that promoted specfic unique aspects of the Evertrek product.

A series of videos informing potential customers of what to expect day by day

A short montage of shots in a 10 second Facebook ad video


The outcome


Since releasing the main film, Journey to Basecamp, along with the Facebook video ad, the content produced by Insight has contributed to over £250k worth of sales.
The testimonial videos continue to answer questions and provide social proof that Evertrek is the #1 choice when it comes to Everest Base Camp treks.

The feedback

“Steve was fantastic from our first meeting to the editing process and finally the finished product. If you need any videos for your business website, social media videos, testimonials or even for any editing, Steve is your guy.”

Andy Moore

Managing Director, Evertrek