The guys at Evertrek teamed up with Insight to create a video strategy that touched on every point of the sales funnel, with a view to increasing engagement, competition entries and sales.

Evertrek took us out to Nepal to film a trek from Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region up to Mount Everest Base Camp 5164 meters above sea level.

A series of in depth meetings before the trip helped define goals for the footage we captured, what videos would be created and the goals for each of the videos.


The outputs


A documentary to inspire and plant the seed that people from all walks of life can make it to EBC.

A series of stand-alone video testimonials that promoted specfic unique aspects of the Evertrek product.

A series of videos informing potential customers of what to expect day by day

A short montage of shots in a 10 second Facebook ad video


The outcome


Since releasing the main film, Journey to Basecamp, along with the Facebook video ad, the content produced by Insight has contributed to over £250k worth of sales.
The testimonial videos continue to answer questions and provide social proof that Evertrek is the #1 choice when it comes to Everest Base Camp treks.

The feedback

“Steve was fantastic from our first meeting to the editing process and finally the finished product. If you need any videos for your business website, social media videos, testimonials or even for any editing, Steve is your guy.”

Andy Moore

Managing Director, Evertrek

Active Quote

The marketing team at ACT wanted some new videos to go with the company’s rebrand. They were looking to up the production value on previous videos they had produced as well as talking about specific subjects relating to the company’s history, offering and future plans.

The Project

After an initial discussion we agreed that a conversational approach was best – rather than speaking directly to the audience in a “piece to camera” style video. We wanted the three key people in the business (Weslsh Rugby international’s Andy and Steve Moore, as well as sports psychologist Ben)  to discuss their experiences and passion for the business in a round table type setup.

We hired a studio space and filmed with three cameras and the whole discussion lasted about an hour. The team then went through the footage to find the relevant sections throughout and edited them together into shorter 3 – 5 minute videos, making it seem like one conversation.

We also created a series of shorter “piece to camera” videos that the team could send to both athletes and businesses with key information about the program, which could be sent via email. This helped bring the emails to life, creating a more engaging connection with the recipients.

The feedback

“Steve took the time to understand our business better than anybody else we’ve worked wth. He worked to understand our long-term video content goals and and supported us to get the right content at the beginning of this journey.

Steve’s charisma and personality meant that he was great to work with, and made everybody feel at ease. We wouldn’t consider another production company for our work.”

Ross Jones
Head of Marketing