High quality “cinematic style” video isn’t what you should be prioritising with your video marketing, this is…

Many businesses and aspiring filmmakers yearn to have that ‘Cinematic Look’ for their videos. YouTube is flooded with countless tutorials on how to get “that look” to make your content shine and stand out from the crowd. I myself have been prone to perusing through various articles and videos trying to make my own past content look the same. But ultimately is this worth spending your time on mastering without even thinking about the content you are delivering?

Using Your Investment Wisely

“Movies have become more about the aesthetic than the story and the content and what the film is trying to say. I find that pretty disappointing and pretty depressing,” – Roger Deakins (Cinematographer)

Planning Storyboard
It seems that modern cinema has fallen into this same issue, as the above quote by the masterful cinematographer states. This statement also applies to many businesses and content creators who are trying to stand out from the crowd by simply making good looking content.
Now, don’t make the mistake in thinking I am saying the quality of your content is unimportant and shouldn’t be thought about. The content of course should look as good as possible, however this should not be the main consideration with video content. In order to stand out from all the noise on social media many things need to be considered, it is simply not enough to have a well composed, cinematic looking video without having a clear strategy.

Thinking about all aspects in the planning is essential to getting the return and growth you need and using your investment wisely.  Thinking about the look and aesthetic is not enough, a clear thought out plan needs to be decided.


“The content quality is very important, but the production quality is not that important. Production quality and technical aspects have to be OK but not world class. Better production quality is correlated with more trust, but it can’t make up for the lack of substance. So, Facebook Live videos, webinar recordings, and other video material with good enough production quality will work as long as the content itself is engaging.” – Dreamgrow

When looking at your video strategy it will bring to light many elements that you may not have considered before. Each step of the process will help you determine where you need to focus your efforts in marketing your business and you will be able to set specific goals you can achieve. Getting incredible results from your video marketing can only be achieved by investing in a robust video strategy which looks at your business and marketing goals in detail. If your strategy requires the high-end cinematic look then it should definitely be budgeted for.

Once you have taken the time to plan a video strategy you will have a clearer understanding on what your business needs and how you will release your content. Video is everywhere, so the importance of considering more than just the cinematic quality is massive. In order to stand out from the crowd, more than the visuals need to planned if you want to see good results in your marketing strategy.

At Insight Video Marketing our in house production kit is aesthetically suited for many types of budgets, but we are also experienced in using high-end camera equipment like ARRI and RED cameras that are utilised by many modern filmmakers, should that cinematic look be necessary for your strategy.
Alexa Mini Camera filming promotional film
Arri Alexa Mini Camera

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