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It can be daunting going into the video production process for the first time, but with our expert guidance and advice we will ensure the process is smooth, enjoyable and memorable.

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The production process

01 | Getting to know you | Let's talk!

We need to know what your industry is, how you envisage video improving your business and what your current marketing activities are like (among other things!)

02 | The Master Plan | Pre-Production

We will work together to really laser focus your message and goals so that when it comes to filming, everything we shoot and every question we ask contributes to that message and brings out the personality of you and your employees.

03 | Time to shoot | Production

We will conduct interviews/pieces to camera, making all contributors feel at ease and enjoy the experience. We will film any other footage that will make up your final video(s).

It is extremely important us that not only do we capture everything required to deliver your message, but also for everyone involved to thoroughly enjoy the experience of being on camera!

04 | Completing the puzzle - Editing

This is where the magic happens. We take all the footage we have shot and edit it together to produce the final video(s). This is the point at which it all comes together and the story is really formed.

05 | The finish line - Client approval & Delivery

Once we have finished editing we will show you for the first time – it is your opportunity to request any reasonable changes to the video. Once signed off we will distribute your video(s) to the relevant platforms.

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